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All Grade 10-12 students are eager to learn and succeed in school. With the right teaching methods, guidance and the study plans, their success is inevitable. Proper support from the experienced educators, consistent and persistent work are the key to guaranteed success.

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Private 1-on-1 Classes


Math Global Education proudly tutors most of the grade 10-12 subjects. Online and in-person, high school students across Canada improve their skills and grades in math, science, english, social studies, french and other high school subjects.

No other form of learning yearns better results than 1-on-1 customized tutoring such as Private classes. The observational classes, conceptual teaching methods and individualized study plans give extraordinary results, which are always guaranteed and achieved faster in private classes. After School Homework Club is the most popular tutoring program among grade 10-12 students.

Online: From $40/hour

In-person: From $55/hour



For the small group of 2-6 classmates and friends, Semi-private classes are the best option. Create your own private group to learn at your own pace for as little as $17/hr.

Online: $100/hour

In-person: $140/hour

MGE tutors give back power and confidence to students so they can truly enjoy their learning experience.


After school small size group classes

September to June

After school small size group classes are the most popular classes among grade 10-12 students. We meet daily to complete the homework and assignments, to prepare for exams and to learn the lessons conceptually in the collaborative group classes. Join us 2 times per week in the small size group classes in math, english, science and social studies. The below prices are per subject. 

Online: $180/month

In-person: $230/month



Please register on time for the group classes due to maximum capacity of 12 students. Mon & Wed and Tue & Thur from 4-8pm, as well as 12-6pm on the weekends. The material, lessons 7 days/week and study support are included for as little as $20/hr. Student are welcome to join as many sessions as they need.

Mastering Exams

January, April, June, August & November

Mastering Exams classes guide students to outstanding exam scores and great testing experience. What makes this class essential for every grade 10-12 student is the carefully put together study plan and material that covers all lesson reviews and practice questions, as well as tutors that truly know the subject and necessary exam tips that make the testing experience stress free. 

Every January and June, Grade 10-12 students have final exams, with additional Diploma 12 exam terms in April, August and November. The exam period is very stressful for majority of students. Math Global Education prepared Mastering Exam program that will completely prepare students for all grade 10-12 important exams. We gladly offer private, semi-private and group classes, on weekdays and weekends.

Online: from $55

In-person: From $85

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.


Preparation Is The Key

Summer & Winter Break

Preparation is the key classes prepare students for the upcoming courses by reviewing previously learnt skills that are the prerequisite for the upcoming lessons. Math Global Education tutors have the insight in exactly which skills students must properly understand in order to excel in the upcoming classes. And by previewing the topics that are coming in their next class. We happily offer private, semi-private and group classes.

This vital program lasts 16 hours in total. 2 weeks during the winter break in December and 8 weeks during the summer break in July and August.

Online: $335

In-person: $445


Before anything, preparation is the key to success.

Join us from July 2 to August 24, 2024. The registration opens on June 1, 2024.

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