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Thank you for choosing Math Global Education as your reliable and dedicated tutor. Below you will find the answers to the most asked questions about Math Global Education.

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  • What is Math Global Education?
    Math Global Education is the learning center with expertise in teaching and tutoring mathematics for Grade 1-12 and University students. MGE's goal is to provide top quality tutoring service in math to students in Canada and around the globe. We proudly offer private, semi-private and group tutoring classes, in online & in-person format. Math Global Education is your math tutor!
  • Who are MGE tutors? Are you hiring tutors?
    MGE tutors are experienced and dedicated mentors that are not only qualified, but passionate and very knowledgeable about mathematics. All our tutors have been educated at Canadian and USA universities such as Harvard University, McMaster University and University of Alberta. They are therefore very familiar with the content that grade 1 to University level students learn and skills needed to succeed in any academic environment. MGE tutors have minimum 2 year of experience teaching, tutoring and educating math. Yes, we are hiring tutors for Grade 1-12 and university, math and science. Please contact us at Learn Math with experts
  • What tutoring classes do you offer for grade 1-9 students?
    Math Global Education gladly tutors grade 1-9 students in all the subjects for elementary and middle school. Besides any time private 1-on-1 classes, we offer After School Homework Club (ASHC). This is the most popular MGE program where we meet with students at least 4 times per week for 1 hour minimum to complete the homework, assignments, prepare for tests and close knowledge gaps that are stopping students from enjoying the math experience. Private 1-on-1 & After School Homework Club Online & In-person
  • What tutoring classes do you offer for grade 10-12 students?
    Math Global Education tutors happily meet with grade 10-12 students in private, semi-private and group tutoring classes. Grade 10: Pre calculus Grade 11: Pre calculus and algebra Grade 12: Pre calculus, algebra, calculus and vectors Online & In-Person
  • What tutoring classes do you offer for university students?
    MGE tutors proudly meet with university students in private, semi-private and group classes every day to solve problems in: Calculus for Engineering Calculus for Life Science Calculus for Math & Physics Science Calculus for Economics & Business Linear Algebra Applied Linear Algebra Differential Equations & more Numerous group classes weekly. Online & In-Person
  • What are Private and Semi-private classes?
    MGE's Private (1-on-1) and Semi-private (2-10 students) classes are held any time, as many classes weekly as students request. Semi-private classes are the most popular among classmates that wish to create their own study group that will have their own dedicated tutor. If you wish to turn private into semi-private class, each additional student will cost extra $10/class. Great saving! Online & In-Person
  • What is After School Homework Club?
    ASHC is the most popular program among MGE students. We meet at least 4 times per week (1hr minimum) with students in private or semi-private classes to finish all their school work in all grade 1-9 subjects. Our tutors explain lessons as we complete the homework and assignments, make sure that all knowledge gaps are closed and that students are prepared for the following class. This program is perfect for parents that wish to help their children with everyday school work, but have language barrier, the content is too complex, not enough time, etc. Math Global Education and ASHC are essential compliments to your child's education and we make sure that everything is great at school. Online & In-Person
  • What are Mastering Exams classes?
    MGE has special and very in-demand class to prepare students for the exams. PAT's, Diploma 12, IB Exams, SAT, ACT 7 much more. Private and semi-private classes are to be booked upon student's request. While small size group classes offer 20 possible tutoring classes before the exam. Please see the schedule.
  • What are Prep is the key classes?
    Prep is the key are summer classes for Grade 10-12 and University students to prepare them for the upcoming classes. Students will get familiar with the lessons, assignments, homework and even tests. Preparation is the key for success. Online only.
  • What kind of group classes do you offer?
    MGE small size group classes are essential part of the enhanced learning. Our group classes are meant for high school and university students. University Math: Calculus for Engineering Calculus for Life Science Calculus for Math & Physics Science Calculus for Economics & Business Linear Algebra Applied Linear Algebra Differential Equations & more We meet numerous times weekly (please take a look at the schedule) to solve problems from assignments and homework, prepare for exams as well as to close knowledge gaps in order to advance. High School Math (Grade 10-12, regular and IB math): Grade 10: Pre calculus Grade 11: Pre calculus and algebra Grade 12: Pre calculus, algebra, calculus and vectors Online & In-person. Canada wide.
  • Do you tutor online as well as in-person?
    Yes, we happily do! Both! Online classes are available globally to all students that need expert math tutoring services in english for grade 1-12 and University students. In-person classes are open to students in Canada and USA for now.
  • Do you tutor other subject besides math?
    Of course! Grade 1-9 students get to advance in all of their subjects with MGE. Grade 10-12: Science, Chemistry and Physics. English and French. University: Science, Chemistry and Physics are coming in 2024.
  • Do you tutor outside of Canada?
    Absolutely! Math Global Education opened its doors to students globally when we started to do online classes. Online classes are here to stay, it is out future. We have been offering virtual classes since 2017 to students world wide. Our students come from: Canada USA Australia New Zealand UK International schools worldwide
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